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We help organisations make sense of their cyber security risks and compliance obligations.

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cyber risk and governance advisors

Cyber Security is the one issue keeping Australian directors up at night according to the AICD Director Sentiment Index and the government agrees with increasing focus on legislative changes and emphasis on cyber security as a fiduciary duty.

Cybersecurity is complex and traditionally an IT concern and not everyones business. There are countless threats, technology solutions and frameworks to consider. Without clarity and context it can be easy to end up with a Kaleidoscope of technology that does not meet business needs.

Cyber Sense is a technology agnostic cyber risk and governance organisation . We help organisations make sense of their cyber security risks and obligations – helping them to me more agile and resilient to the rising tide of cyber security threats and customer expectations.  We build confidence and capability through governance and risk management frameworks, developing internal capability and fostering cyber fit cultures.


We support businesses to develop internal capability and confidence to address cyber risks and obligations and opportunities simply and pragmatically


    We support organisations to develop prioritised, iterative and sustainable cyber risk plans and mature cyber vigilant cultures.


      We support boards to govern in an ever changing threat, compliance and organisational landscape.

      “The reality of living in a digital age means cyber attacks will continue to happen. As Cyber Security Minister, I’m determined to lift the standards to protect every Australian online.”

      Claire O'Neill

      Minister for Cyber Security

      Risk Landscape


      Businesses targeted are SME Businesses.


      Companies that expect increased risk from remote working


      Surveyed businesses experienced a breach from a third party vendor


      Confident their vendors would notify them of a breach


      Breaches caused by human behaviour


      Employees that feel prepared to identify and respond to a cyber threat.


      SME businesses that go out of business following an attack


      Malicious attacks caused by internal actors

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