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Technology and connectivity makes many things possible, however possible doesn’t always mean secure.

Cyber security is considered to be one of the top 4 risks globally faced by businesses and boards. As we have recently seen the reputational, business continuity and financial implications can be devastating. 

As cyber threats become more sophisticated and prolific and technology and connectivity become core to meeting the needs of customers, employees, suppliers and society organisations need to ensure that they have the necessary systems in place to build resilience and trust. This is built on four key pillers context, control, culture and clarity.

Managing Cyber Security is as an essential as a fiduciary responsibility for boards. as financial control  and workplace health and safety. In addition to increasing regulatory and compliance, reputation and customer demands along with conditions for market participation. 

Cyber Sense are technology independent and provide governance and risk advisories to boards and business leaders to be able to navigate these complexities with confidence.

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Understand – Plan – Govern

There are many different cyber security and risk frameworks from the Essential 8, ISO 27001, DISP and PCI DSS. Not all will be appropriate to your businesses current and future needs. Cyber security is a business and board priority not just a technology solution.

Cyber security is a board concern not a technology patch. Developing and maintaining an Information Security Management that is deeply integrated into your business driven from the board and supported by a cyber fit organisational culture is critical to maintain resilience, trust and  being agile and adaptive to opportunities and trends. 

At Cyber Sense we address workplace cyber safety in the same way as you address your workplace health and safety – strategically addressing risk and compliance across the entire business value chain.

Our journey with our clients starts with listening and understanding and developing the context frame and cyber security methodology(ies) from which to then address cyber security and people security issues. 



How we can help

Assessment engagements are contextualised to organisational requirements. During discovery the appropriate scope and frameworks is identified such as ISO 27001, ISO27001, DSD Essential 8, PCI DSS DISP along Privacy and Corporations Act requirements and data breach disclosure laws.


  • Current state analysis
  • Gap Assessment
  • Future State Action Plan
  • Third Party and Procurement reviews
  • Policy and Program Development
  • Information Security Management System Development 
  • Board Cyber Governance Program Development

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