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Updated: 20 November 2022


1. Overview

The Australian Impact Group PTY LTD as a group provides a number of services, products. The Australian Impact Group PTY LTD trading as Cyber Sense Smart Precinct NQ Limited (ABN 37 653 840 432) (Cyber Sense, “we”, “our”, “us”, provide strategic planning, compliance, and training services to support organisations establish and maintain workplace cyber safety and cyber security management frameworks.

We make every effort to provide accurate and up-to-date material on and and our social media channels. However, the material provided through these platforms is for reference only – it is not designed to be, nor should it be regarded, as professional advice.


2. Risks you assume by entering our site

Cyber Sense does not guarantee, and accepts no legal liability, for the accuracy, reliability, currency, or completeness of any material on or any linked sites. You should not rely on unqualified material we provide.

By entering and using our websites ‘’, ‘’ and you release The Australian Impact Group from all liability for claims, losses, expenses, damages and costs you incur as a result of relying on the information on this site. This includes liability relating to:

  • defamatory material, and
  • dealings with work (including software) in which you hold copyright or other intellectual property rights.

You take on all risks of using the site, including risks to your computer, software or data.

Third party material that we include on the site or related platforms, is not necessarily an endorsement and does not necessarily reflect our views.


3. Financial information

All financial information is correct as at the time it is published but is unaudited unless otherwise specified.


4. Engagement and information collection

Any information we collect through your interaction with our site is governed by our Information Statement and Collection Notice.


5. Websites and applications we link to

We link to external websites and applications in good faith. However, has no direct control over the content of linked websites or applications, or changes to the content that may be made by the external site or application.

When we link to external websites and any application they use (such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn) we are not endorsing or recommending any related material, products or service.

The Australian Impact Group relies on users to exercise their individual judgment when:

1. deciding whether to access a linked website or application, and/or

2. verifying the accuracy, currency, reliability and correctness of the information available via all website or applications we may link to.

Embedded YouTube players may include links to and advertising of other videos. This content is YouTube advertising, and we cannot control or remove it. It may include irrelevant, inappropriate and potentially offensive content – Australian Impact Group does not endorse such content.


6. Social media

We build our social media networks and communities using social media platforms. To build networks we may:

  • ‘follow’ in Twitter
  • ‘friend or add to favourites’ in Facebook
  • ‘connect’ in LinkedIn
  • ‘like/suggest’ in YouTube

When you use Cyber Sense or the Australian Impact Group social media channels you are using an external site, so you are bound by the provider’s terms and conditions of use. We encourage you to review their legal policies for further information.

The Australian Impact Group does not endorse, and is not accountable for, any views of third parties using social media. The views expressed by contributors to or any of our social media channels are those of the individual, including the views of Company Officers, Employees, Agents and Service Providers.

Links from our social media to other sites are not endorsed by the Australian Impact Group. We are not accountable for content on linked sites or your access to those sites via the Internet or the links provided.

We disclaim all liability resulting from any views or any information posted to our website and social media channels. You should not rely on such views, and we recommend you seek appropriate independent professional advice before entering any commitment based on such views.


7. Copyright

Unless otherwise noted, copyright in the content of is owned by the Australian Impact Group. The Cyber Sense and Australian Impact Group logo and its variants are copyright. The use of any logo, trademark or other identifying imagery is not authorised without express prior consent from Australian Impact Group.


8. Limitation of liability

The Australian Impact Group takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any of the content or statements contained on, , our social media channels, or in relation to our services. Statements made are by way of general comment only and you should satisfy yourself as to their accuracy. Further, our services are provided without a warranty apart from any warranties provided by law. Australian Impact Group is not liable for any damages whatsoever, incurred as a result of or relating to the use of our website, linked sites, or our services.


9. Governing law

These terms and conditions are governed by, construed in, and are to be resolved in, in accordance with the laws of Queensland, Australia.


10. Contact us

Correspondence in relation to our site’s terms and conditions can be addressed to [email protected]