About Us

About Us

Australian Impact Group Pty Ltd (Trading As Cyber Sense) is a sovereign organisation headquartered in Townsville Regional North Queensland.

Cyber Sense is a pure play technology agnostic Cyber Risk Governance organisation servicing Northern Australia and the Pacific. We have a pragmatic approach to supporting organisations to understand cyber risks and information security management systems, build capacity internally. We are your partner in becoming an agile cyber resilient organisations confident and capable with dealing with the complexities of cyber security armed with context, clarity with controls that are appropriate to the organisation. 

Female Founder Miranda Mears GAICD has 25 years experience in Cyber Security, strategic advisory, executive management and business ownership. She previously co founded Securus Global, at the time, one of the most recognised pure play sovereign cyber security advisory, assessment and assurance organisations.

Cyber security is increasingly a global concern that threatens the stability and prosperity of nations businesses, communities and families.

The days of cyber security being an IT issue are gone forever. Cyber Security is everybody’s business and no one more than boards and directors. As the threats persist and grow so will the requirements for robust obligation, risk and reputation management on directors as a fiduciary responsibility. Fines, sanctions and are increasing with the obligations filtering down to all organisations not just large and government sectors as we have previously scene. 

We support organisations and leaders to understand their organisations cyber security needs according to legislation, risk management their organisations – to be resilient innovative and digitally strategic ready to lean in to times of change and integrating critical technology and digital transformation strategically.

We approach workplace cyber safety in your organisation in a similar way to your workplace health and safety. A system that works with your organisation rather than being a barrier to agile business operations and permiating across normal business as usual. 

I have 20 years experience in digital transformation, cyber security and governance. Previously I cofounded Securus Global now part of Tesserent group.  I have never before seen a combination of market, regulatory and compliance influences so aligned when it comes to facing collaboratively this scouge of cyber crime and cyber attacks, and providing sanctions on organisations that are not doing the right thing. Yet there is a long way to go. Cyber Security Is everybody’s business.

I founded Cyber Sense with a drive to provide to provide a regionally focussed cyber risk management and governance specifically in Northern Australia and the Asia Pacific regions. Northern Australia and Pacific Islands are strategically important to or nations overall cyber risk profile. Ensuring the region is cyber mature, that we have a skilled cyber workforce and organisations from small business to big with mature information security management systems is extremely important. 

I am passionate in supporting the development of a cyber security ecosystem in Northern Australia and the Pacific.  We are committed to supporting programmes that develop opportunities for cyber careers in the north; for our youth, transitioning veterans and  upskilling risk managers, boards and executives to feel confident in navigating cyber security risk and compliance.

We hope that Cyber Sense can chart that direction for Northern Australia and closer to home helping you prepare your business for the challenges of an ever uncertain world and increasing compliance environment. 

Miranda Mears